FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions (2)

Why would I want a non-resident concealed firearm permit from
Utah / Arizona / Florida ?

These permits allow the holder to carry legally in many states. Each permit is valid in over 30 states. If you would like to legally exercise your 2nd amendment rights across multiple state lines, read on to see which permit is right for you. 

Here are the states that are unique to each permit...

Arizona permit valid in: Nevada.
Utah permit valid in: Washington.
Florida permit valid in: Florida.

Which states does an Arizona / Utah / Florida and other permit allow me to carry concealed?


This chart is provided for your convenience, we will keep it up to date however it is not guaranteed to be accurate. It is the permit holder's responsibility to know the current laws of the state(s) in which they carry concealed.

Maps are available on our Reciprocity & Recognition page.

For the guaranteed up to date lists of where each permit is valid, please visit the website of issuing agency.

Arizona Department of Public Safety:

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identifiation:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Human Services:


What does this class provide me with exactly?

You will leave class with ALL the requirements for the Arizona Florida and/or Utah application:

  • Fingerprinting*
  • Passport Photo
  • Copy of Drivers License
  • Completed Application Paper
  • Pre-Printed Mailing Envelope.

*The State of Florida requires that fingerprints be taken by a Law Enforcement Officer. As such, we provide everything except fingerprints for the Florida application.


Is there any cost in addition to your class fee?

Yes. Each state has an application fee seperate from the cost of our class.

Arizona $60      Utah $49      Florida $112


Does Oregon issue concealed handgun licenses to non-residents?

Yes, but only to residents of contiguous states such as: Washington, Idaho and California.

The applicant must include with their application a letter of "demonstrated need". Examples may be for business interest, self defense, constitutional right, travel, isolated rural roads, travel late at night, elderly, lack of police coverage, etc...

The applicant also must be fingerprinted by a Law Enforcement Officer. 

Can I carry concealed in my state with only a Utah CFP or other Non-Resident permit?

Probably not. You will most likely need to maintain a concealed permit for your state of residence.
Our class satisfies the educational requirement of most state concealed permit programs.
This class has been used to obtain permits for:
Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Florida.
Before carrying concealed in any state, you should learn the laws of that state. A good starting point on the web would be the state attorney general's website.

What should I bring to class?
Positive Attitude     •Driver's License     •Note Pad     •Black Pen

Arrive a few minutes early...

Your firearm is NOT required for the class!


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